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Welcome to the Chronicles

What Are the Billy Chronicles?
Billy is a Man with alot to say. No matter the topic he has an opinion. You may not always agree (you probably will hardly agree)but after speaking with him you will know that you were just part of something special
He is knowledgeable in many things (and loves to talk about them) from politics to Ancient Greek Mythology.



Quote of The Day

•Who has been the best president of the US and why?
"Ronald Reagan he end cold wR stat the bull
shit call Reagan is work for who has money.
Barrack Obama when finish home"


Video Blog

May 15th,2011

New Video Posted on YouTube Channel
State of the Union Address delivered by "President Bill"

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March 21st,2011

New Video Posted on YouTube Channel
Bill Discusses Credit Cards, Dean Martin and Drools

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• I love MSNBC!
• The Force is always with me!
• Marvel Comics: Read Up!
• YouTube, I Tube, We All Tube!

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